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With our trained staff who are highly experienced in their field of work and well versed in languages including English and Arabic, we intend to provide the best of services to our clients. Our professional team with the knowledge and experience they have procured during the years in the government sector will be more than willing to assist you in completing the documentation in the most effective and efficient way

our mission
Our Mission

We intend to simplify government documentation process with our excellent service and assistance from our professional team. An unparalleled level of commitment is our forte and with our years of service, we have become the first and foremost choice among the customers. For citizens from all over the world who live in UAE, documentation would be a tiring process, but with our exceptional service, we make it simplified.

our vision
Our Vision

Creating a means for government documentation services that constantly strive to succeed client’s expectation and fortifying our business relationship over the long run is our vision. To achieve this, we work towards providing services par excellence and assistance that require little effort from the client’s side. Unmatched service is our forte and an efficient team, our backbone.

our values
Our Values

We believe in team work, discipline, innovation, customer satisfaction and most importantly in respecting everyone. We are fortunate to have a disciplined team that work towards providing the best for our customers. Our team work together to provide fruitful results to our customers and make them continue their business relationship with us. Customer satisfaction is the key and our team go out of their ways to make the client content.

Who We Are

Al Nahda, established in 2016 is a center for all government document processing services to serve individuals and organizations in UAE. At the center, you can avail document processing services with precision and efficiency. An efficient team comprising of well-trained staff ensure that the services are provided to each customer without any hassles. The center intends to make document processing an easy affair to its customers.

Al Nahda is the first of its kind in UAE and has been successfully operating in Dubai since its inception. We provide a friendly atmosphere to its customers under the supervision of disciplined and well-behaved staff. Our staff speak English, Arabic and other languages making the customer comfortable to do business with us.

Looking for reliable immigration assistance in Dubai? Look no further than Al Nahda Center - the leading document processing center in the UAE! Over the years, we have built a reputation for consistently satisfying our customers' needs. With a strong infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities, and a highly efficient staff, we are committed to maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and quality of service. It's no wonder that we are widely considered the best in the industry. Trust us for all your immigration assistance needs in Dubai!

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Our Services

Al Nahda Center has a wide range of services in document processing and has been serving various organizations in the UAE since 2016. This one-stop destination facilitates all government proceedings with a competitive typing and processing fees. Our services are efficient, effective and affordable. Know more about the categories we serve.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions. We have tried to compile maximum questions we get and have answered them with all honesty. If you have anything more to know about us, feel free to contact through phone, chat or e-mail. Our contact details are in the ‘Contact us’ section.

Services related to translation and interpretation, proof-reading and getting all legal translations done with government document attestation. Wide range of services related to tax, valuation, financial advisory and related consulting services to individual and commercial clients. All kind of Banking products, services and insurance policies. Services related to visit, tourist visa & multiple entry alongside ticketing & tour packages. We also provide services related to company formation, renewal of license documents, clearing and its legalization.

We facilitate all government proceedings with a competitive typing and processing fees.

As per a new rule by the Ministry of External Affairs, every document submitted for attestation, will have to be scanned before submissions. Therefore, in addition to the mea attestation and apostille fees, there’s an additional scanning fee applicable to all the original documents and supporting documents

We have a separate facility for VIP & VVIP including separate lounges for males and females.

UAE, primarily Dubai is frequented by VIPs and VVIPs from around the world. Therefore, we have a separate facility to handle VIP and VVIP customers including separatee lounges for males and females.

We are an authorized service provider of the General Directorate of Residency, Foreign Affairs, and other government bodies.

Being established in 2016, we were the very first center in UAE and by 2020 we have expanded to bring all government franchisees and departments under one roof to operate closely with them.

Now we are located at,

10th street, Al Quasis 1st, Dubai, UAE

An attestation is a procedure that confirms the validity of a seal and signature on documents issued in UAE or abroad. When you present a legal document in a foreign country, it is often hard to determine whether the document is genuine and legal and therefore, the government needs proof that the documents you hold is veritable and not mocked up, or the signatures of officials on the documents are not forged, before they accept them.

We are a highly professional team with great expertise and profound knowledge in the field of document servicing and documentation. We follow a clear and systematic procedure which ensures that none of your valuable documents get mislaid.

You can report any complaint, inquiry or suggestion by calling us directly at 04-263-7677,04-263-7678 or on our Toll-Free number: 800 [GULF] 4853 or write to us at info@alnahdacentre.com.

Al Nahda Metro Station station is the nearest one to Al Nahda Centre in Dubai.

Why Choose Us

High Quality Services

We facilitate all Government proceedings at a competitive typing and processing fees. Our high level of professionalism and quality of service keeps our clientele at ease and makes them content.

Experienced Workforce

We have highly experienced staff, who are well-versed in English, Arabic and other languages. Our professional team with great expertise and profound knowledge about the government entities will assist you in completing the documentation, effectively and efficiently.

Solid Infrastructure

An organized and well-kept establishment operated with cutting edge technology, bringing all government franchisees and departments under one roof.

Providing Government Document processing services hassle-free since 2016.