Image of Attestation

Attestation is important to validate the authenticity of a document. Our appointed attesting officers attest your documents and ensures that they are authentic and valid.


Attestation is the process in which an appointed officer signs a formal document in order to verify that it is duly signed by those bound by its contents. It is a legal acknowledgement of the authenticity of a document and the verification of the processes that were involved in the documentation. Usually, a Gazetted officer works as an attester and make necessary arrangements to attest documents. At the Al Nahda Center, we have appointed officers who are legally bound to attest and validate documents.


Al Nahda Center offers services in various documentation processes and, attestation, that comes mandatory in most documents, is also provided. This helps the customer save time and energy from looking for an attester elsewhere and the tedious process of getting documents attested. Our attesting officers are prompt and disciplined and also ensures that the document is attested carefully, without errors.


Attestation is required in various documentation processes. It could be for medical purposes or legal. In all cases, it ensures that the document is signed without any disparities by the person(s) bound to sign it. An attestation officer is vital in this case and Al Nahda is happier to provide the service to customers.


Apart from attestation officers, we have tax and banking advisors at the center. The purpose is to provide a space for customers where they don’t have to go to different places to fulfill a purpose. It could be anything related to banking, legal or documentation and we provide everything inside our infrastructure.


Our motive is to create a wholesome atmosphere for the customer and get all the work done swiftly at one place. There is a mini cafeteria at the center too, where the customer could relax while we get the work done.


Attestation is a very serious process and we completely believe in its authenticity and responsibility. As responsible citizens, we ensure that the documents are reviewed thoroughly and attested without disparities. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and your happiness is our happiness.