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Banking & Insurance

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Al Nahda Center has associated with Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) to provide all banking services to customers. Commercial Bank of Dubai, one of the leading financial institutions in the UAE, provides its services in Al Nahda to support businesses and entrepreneurs immensely. With its presence at Al Nahda, CBD intends to make banking services more accessible and convenient to customers. The banking services include everything from corporate banking to ATM services and the staff at Al Nahda ensures that the services are provided without hassle.


Banking with Commercial Bank of Dubai at Al Nahda Center is made easy with the officers who serve the organization tirelessly. They offer all banking facilities for UAE citizens, residents and tourists without any differentiation. The services are top notch and are provided with precision and care. Every customer who comes to us return satisfied and happy. There is no room for disappointment and our staff ensures that satisfaction of each customer.


Besides banking services, Al Nahda also offers assistance for getting personal and general insurance policies. Usually, people buy insurance policies to insure home, vehicles, travel and other entities; at Al Nahda, we provide assistance in availing the best policy for you, in the sector you are looking for, with great benefits. Our staff ensures that you get information on the policy in detail and that you get to choose the one apt for you, wisely.


With wide range of insurance policies, and the assistance we provide in the sector, customers find it easy to choose the one they are looking for, without further doubts. We clarify all their queries and ensure that they have clarity about the policy they decide to buy. We only suggest policies that are beneficial to the client and give them maximum outcome.


Al Nahda is famous for the services we provide – be it immigration services, notary services or health services, we collaborate with government offices and provide the best of services to our customers. Banking and insurance are additional services we provide along with many such services that make your life easier. Our banking and insurance staff are well-trained and provide you with comfortable transaction and services. Our employees are our strength and they make sure that all the services are provided with utmost care and accuracy.


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