Company Stamp

Company Stamp

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Al Nahda Center has a separate section for company stamps. We provide stamps including self-inking stamps that can be done in minutes. These stamps help you in the government documentation and is significant in avoiding forging of documents.


A company stamp or seal is a small device that helps in embossing a company’s name, address and other details on documents, especially those that carry legal content. It is used in contracts, certificates, deeds and bank documents and the presence of the stamp make the document valid.


A stamped document is more legally valid than one merely with a sign on it. Being a document processing services center, Al Nahda center clearly knows this, and hence has incorporated a section to get company stamps done as well.


A company stamp can carry the details of a company or a person who represents the company. There are various types of stamps as well, and the most advanced one in the segment is the self-inking stamps which inks the stamps automatically, and reduces the use of an ink pad. In fact, the self-inking stamps are more convenient, less messy and makes the stamping process an easy one.


Company stamps are legal in many countries including the UAE and they validate a document with just a single stamp and a sign from a company representative. The stamp usually represents the company with its address or number or other details and its presence ensures that the document is not forged.


Al Nahda works carefully with our efficient staff to create a stamp for a company that is truly valid. The center creates these stamps within a short span, for a competitive price. Our staff ensures that all the details required for the stamp are embossed well without errors.


A company stamp usually is very convenient. Without one, the documents might require two signatories to validate it, and if one of them is absent, it leads to much inconvenience. With a company stamp, a single representative of the company can authenticate the document and save the time of the busy signatories.


The Al Nahda center also offers various other services for documentation that seem trivial but are significant in the process. This includes attestation, printing and copying. We utilise modern technology for printing and copying and have authorised officers for attestation.