Dubai Civil Defence

Dubai Civil Defence

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Dubai Civil Defense is a government authority which provides legal approval in the field of industrial and commercial safety and security.


DCD - A government authority which provides legal approval in the field of industrial and commercial safety and security. Dubai civil defense works towards making Dubai one of the safest countries in the world. It focuses on enhancing the quality of life in the UAE through smart delivery of services in safety and security in order to protect lives, honors and properties.


With DCD at the Al Nahda Center, we look forward to provide the organization’s services to the common people efficiently and effectively. We have officers who work at the DCD counter enabling the processes in the most efficient way


The objectives of Dubai Civil Defense include:


  • Ensuring excellent firefighting and recue utilizing latest practices.
  • Ensuring fire safety against risks caused by fire
  • Spreading awareness on safety and preventive measures across the society.
  • Managing human resources efficiently and effectively.
  • Alertness to face disasters and crises.


Considering these measures, the Al Nahda Center provides all the services offered by Dubai Civil Defense in our outlet with other significant government entities working hand-in-hand. With the combined effort of all the government bodies, processing government related documents becomes quite hassle-free.


Services provided by the DCD are as follows:


  • Smart System
  • Building Completion
  • Decor Completion
  • Gas Completion
  • Hazard Material
  • Company Approval
  • Contract Approval
  • Certificate Approval
  • PRO Card
  • Preventive and Safety Service


Quality is key and we ensure that the services we provide are exceptional and make the customer happy and content. With a wide range of services offered by DCD, we intend to provide a safer space for the citizens, residents and visitors in the country.


DCD’s role in Dubai is immense and it has been helping the country cope various risks and security issues. With a unit in Al Nahda Center, the organization ensures no person is left out without getting adequate help from DCD and everyone’s need is taken care of.


Dubai Civil Defense’s intention is to improve the quality of life of individuals in the country and as an organization that focuses on serving people, Al Nahda, without any compromises helps DCD achieve its motive. From PRO cards to certificate approvals, everything can be availed at the center.


We have a highly skilled, well experienced team that ensures customer happiness. Our team is our backbone and their pleasant and kind gesture towards each customer represent what we intend to give back to the society.


Dubai Civil Defense has a system that ensures security and safety in the country and with its varied services, the organization is an asset to the society. Al Nahda is more than honored as a center to provide the services of DCD at our infrastructure and serve people in the best way possible. We look forward to a country that is completely safe and secure from external means. We are certain, with organizations like the Dubai Civil Defense, attaining a safe and secure country would not be a distant dream.