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At the Al Nahda Center, we have a separate section dedicated to DH where all the medical related services take place. With this service, we intend to make medical services for documentation hassle free. 


The Dubai Health was launched in 2008 to make healthcare accessible to all in Dubai, UAE. DH focuses on creating and ensuring the execution of strategies and policies for healthcare in public and private sectors in Dubai. The organization is responsible for enabling partnerships between healthcare providers and it also provides licensing and regulation of medical facilities and professionals. 


DH has introduced The Medical Fitness System (Salem) for Medical Services including Occupational Health Screening and Visa Related medical services. The services offered are for both individuals and corporations across all industries - small, medium and big work sectors. Salem, the new system helps to reduce customer waiting time, minimize human intervention and also makes x-ray and blood test results available to customers electronically. 


This service enables the customer to apply for medical fitness test which is necessary to complete the visa procedure at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, Dubai. Expatriate customers who are coming to Dubai for the purpose of work, residence or study are eligible to apply for this service.


DH’s Salem system is available at the Al Nahda Center. These tests are mandatory in order to travel abroad, receive Visas and also to confirm stay in the country. The medical tests show whether a person is fit enough, and depending on the test results, documents are given. Similar tests are applicable in work sectors as well, to prove the fitness of the employee. 


 Visa Medical
 Normal medical
 2hrs VVIP  6hrs VIP  Normal 24hrs


At Al Nahda Center, we have separate facilities for VIP & VVIP including separate lounges for male and females. The tests are done in minimal time and the results can be send via SMS or e-mail. Visa medical tests usually take 48 hours to receive the results and normal test results are received within 24 hours. 


Of the many services that are available at the Al Nahda Center, DH’s medical related services is quite significant as it is availed by many in the UAE for various purposes. We have trained staff who do the tests scientifically, without making the customer uncomfortable. These staffs are all licensed by DH and are well experienced in their field. The presence of DH at Al Nahda is much appreciated by the customers, as they can avail all relevant services at one single destination. 


The DH services offered by DH require the following documents for processing. 

Documents required

  • Copy of the residence permit attached with the passport
  • Two recent passport size photographs (less than three months old)
  • A colored copy of the original passport
  • A locally accredited ID card or labor card
  • For New Visa: Bring the original passport for blood tests.

A DHA-approved typing centre is where a candidate must go to complete their visa medical typing. If you go to Alnahda Medical Center, you may type right there.

A center to offer a certificate stating that the applicant is medically qualified to apply for a residency visa in the United Arab Emirates These facilities do medical examinations for visas in Dubai and other emirates. establishing visa medical clinics under DHA to verify workplace health and safety