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Land Services

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Al Nahda Centre is a one-stop destination for all Government services in the UAE. The center already offers services of various government organizations including the Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Courts, Dubai Municipality and Amer. The center recently introduced services of Real Estate Services Trustees of the Dubai Land Department and has now made lives easier for UAE citizens.

The Real Estate Services Trustees at the Al Nahda Center provides various services of the Dubai Lands Department to both companies and individuals. This is in line with the development of Dubai – making the city bigger and better. The organization does everything necessary to smoothen the real estate requirements of residents and citizens of the UAE, which includes investors, businessmen and general people. We strive to contribute to the urban development of Dubai by providing excellent services to customers.


Our land services include:

  • Ejari Services (New, Renewal, Cancellation)
  • To Whom It May Concern Letter Issuance
  • Issue Map (Villa, Building, Property Unit)
  • Title Deed Amendment
  • Title Deed Replacement
  • Property Dispute Applications
  • Transfer Title Deed
  • Property Valuation
  • Sub-division or Amalgamation of properties
  • Registration of Inherited property


Every service related to land and real estate can be availed from Al Nahda Center within a very short span of time! All you need to do is approach our center and we will do the rest. Since we have all other services in our center, it will be easy for customers especially when they are seeking multiple services.

We have clear knowledge and understanding of the industry, so dealing your real estate needs through us would always be a wise idea. At our center, we will be providing direct services, so don’t need to worry about third party involvement. We take full responsibility of the property documents and ensure timely delivery.

The Al Nahda Center has been providing Government services since 2016 in Dubai and we are legitimate in what we do. Our efficient staff ensures precision and provides the best of services without keeping you waiting. We have excellent connections in the Government that makes our services even more accurate.

Usually, when someone moves to Dubai, there will be a lot of paper works regarding renting out a place. Also, if you want to buy a property, it also involves quite a few documentation works that are nothing but a hassle. At the Al Nahda Center, we make this easy for you with our Real Estate Services Trustee department. You can even approach us for property disputes and we will handle it well.

The Al Nahda Center’s is a well-organized center with different staff catering to different services. We have a unique approach and we ensure that no customer returns home disappointed. The Dubai Land Department is a new addition where we ensure all your real estate requirements are met without any issue or delay.

At the Al Nahda Center, we provide fair, transparent and accurate services, and ensure customer satisfaction. Each of our team are experienced and dedicated in their respective fields and does not compromise on quality or efficiency of services. We believe in teamwork and follow latest technology and methods to ensure excellent services and make our customers happy.

During these unprecedented times, when the pandemic and variants have hit the entire world, to ensure safety of our country, the Al Nahda Center also provides RT-PCR tests. The tests can be availed at our center, or you could contact us for home services.

For anything related to government services including Dubai Land Department or even PCR test, we are just a phone call away! We are always here to serve you and you can always trust us in our work!