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We offer Services like translation, interpretation, proof-reading and other government document attestations. 


We offer services related to translation and interpretation, proof-reading, and getting all legal translations done with government document attestation. We focus on high quality translation and provide our clients with quality and proper legal translation. Our staffs are well versed in English, Arabic and other languages which allows them to provide the said services.


Translation is the process in which the text in a certain document is converted to one language from another. It must represent the content of the original document without any alteration or errors, in a different language. After translation, it should be reviewed well, before sending it for documentation.


Translation is an important aspect in the legal section, especially in UAE. There are documents initially written in Arabic or English which needs to be translated for the convenience of the customer. While Al Nahda Center provides documentation services, translation and interpretation is yet another service that is available at the center. This makes the customer’s work easy as they can avail all the required services at one place.


Most documentation require translation and with the availability of translation at the Al Nahda Center, the customer does not need to go elsewhere to avail the service. We have staff experienced in translation, quite familiar with languages that could help you get the process done hassle-free. Our staffs are friendly and cooperative and prepare exceptional translation of documents.


Our legal translation services include:


  • Legal Decisions
  • Amendments
  • Ministerial Orders and Announcement
  • Local Laws
  • Federal Resolutions
  • Deeds
  • Affidavits
  • Contracts
  • Agreements
  • Memoranda of Association
  • Immigration Documents


Translation is a time-consuming process, but the expertise of our well-trained staff ensures that the work is done swiftly, without errors. Usually, documents are translated from Arabic to English or English to Arabic, but we also translate to and from other languages including Indian languages – Malayalam and Hindi. We have employees who are proficient in different languages and their experience and expertise can be efficiently used in the translation of documents, especially for legal purposes.


Besides translation, we also proofread to make sure that there are no mistakes in the documents and they are good to go. Legal documents usually require these services as they need to be perfect and accurate. They should be error-free as well, and our proofreading service ensures that the document is flawless.